Terry J. Paquet

"So much of what we call management consists in making it difficult for people to work"
— Peter Drucker

Management Consulting

Strategy, Structure & Systems Impact on Culture and Performance

Management's role is to define and communicate strategy, create the organization, continuously improve business processes and systems, and support people and teams in effectively servicing the customer. Doing this requires skill, persistence, and, occasionally, assistance from outside consultants with a different and unbiased view.

Terry is skilled in listening and observing and in helping an organization focus on "the most important" issues at hand. He is able to provide a detached, external view of your company's problems, opportunities, and management approaches and practices. Additional areas of focus could include: business strategy, employee, organization and systems analysis, and change management practices. Terry can also help your group set-up and execute effective work plans, initiatives, and programs.

How can Traverse Bay Management help you and the people in your organization do their best work?